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Welcome to African Distance Learning Association

Attn. Educators, Professionals and Students

This is a call for any Educators, Professionals and students to be part of the formation of the "African Distance Learning Association (ADLA)".A draft constitution of ADLA.  To comment on the overall objectives of ADLA please fill out this form

It is understood that a stand alone and self sufficient open institutions can not be realized without the unconditional support of grass root organizations, professionals, educators, students and the general public. The association is established in the same format at as any other distance learning associations around the world. ADLA is the major supporting vehicle for Open College s and Virtual Universities of Africa

Newsletters and Journal (coming soon)

Distance Learning Open/Vitual Schools

Funding Resources

Africa Education Related Internet Sites

AAAS, USAID, UNESCO, FAO, World Bank: Info. on Educaition in Africa 

Health and Human Resources Analysis for Africa 

AAAS Sub Saharan Africa Program 

Education for Africa 

UNSECO Education for Women

Research papers, Commentaries and News Ariticles on Education for/in Africa