The Ethiopian Lecture Hall

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Distance Education Initiative for Ethiopia

Message from the Organizers
Attenion: Educators, Professionals and Students.

We are just begining the long road of creating the Ethiopian Lecture Hall You may recall that there is a site for you to sign up to teach. While this is in progress, we would like to presnt you with a challenge to build the library which will be used as a resource to those who are committed to teach. Here is the job. In your profession, and field of specialization create a web site with links which will be usefull resources to those who teach. Suppose you are an economist, create a website on the subject of economics, which contain links to the courses you took, information about books and refrence materials about the courses, links to schools which offer those course using some sort of information technology such as multimedia, video conferencing e.t.c. This is fun to do. I think you can learn a lot from Dr. Alula Damte's Ethiopia Geology website ( He can now extend his site to include all Geology courses that are given at AAU. For those of you who want to teach create the lesson plan, develop the lectures and exams and spice it up with links from all over the world. I truely beleive that this is the simplest cost effective, enjoyable contribution, remember it is your own field of expertise. There can never be anything enjoyable than that. Threre is no money involved, we are only asking 10 minutes per day of your leisure time. We need a library of courses to activate the lecture hall. Let's build sites for Physics, chemistry, computer and information science, education. medicine, Ethiopian/Forein Languages, Geography, Geolog, Vocassional Sciences, Business administration, Law, Economics, information technology, distance education, Agronomy, Soil science, biology, e.t.c, e.t.c.

As you know there are over 1000 people listening to this call and the majority of you are classified as silent. Now this is your chance to say something. So let's do it. Once you make your site, let us know it will be immidiately linked to the Ethiopian Lecture Hall. Don't underestimate this collaboration. It is the first of its kind indepenent of any political influence. The idea is anchored in the beleif that Education is the foudation of unity. Let's go Ethiopia, take charge !